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Read what The Geator, Jerry Blavat, says about BILLY HARNER...

Once again, little old me, The Geator, Jerry Blavat, has been asked to comment on one of my favorite performers, namely the cat, Bill-a-fonic-Bill. Known to the record listener as Billy Harner. There are many things I can say concerning his talent, but I wouldn't have the space to sum it all up.



Billy Harner is a legend! His astonishing career has endured through decades that have seen unprecedented change and upheaval in music. From Punk to Rap, from Rave to New Wave, From Pop to, well you name it. It's all been there.

But Billy and his voice have endured, and through it all, continue to reign supreme. Why? It's simple! Billy sings what Billy lives. Heart and soul. No gimmicks. Just honest, pure heart. And that's how Billy Harner lives and loves, straight from the heart.

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It's been a few years since I last recorded with the excitement that has over taken me lately. The music that I feel is expressed in these recordings, I sing with all my soul and hope these songs help bring people together and stay together.

I want to thank Studio Park Records for being there. My producer, Paul Evans Pedersen, CEO, for his songs and great direction. He is an amazing talent, and a true to life professional. I would like to thank Mark W. Mohr, President, for his songs and excitement, and for thinking that PERK is the MAN. You two guys are the best!

I would like to dedicate this CD to my Mother, Dottie, who's looking over me. And to my LOVING WIFE, Roni, Whose love never leaves me. To my son, Billy Harner III, and to my girl, Debbie Fisher, Rob, Brooke, Farrah & Robbie, who I love all so much. To my lovely sister, Ruthie, and Bob Boden. To my dear friends Margie and Sonny Comparoto who have been there from the start. To Doug King and Billy Devereaux, Rob Hartley, Jim Welsh, Curt Schad, and Nelson Trout, for all of their help.

A special thanks to Jerry Blavat, The Geator, for his inspiration and kindness - YOU'RE THE BEST!

Love Always,
Billy Harner
The Human Perkulator

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